Tips to Keep Your HVAC Unit Efficient This Winter

Tips to Keep Your HVAC Unit Efficient This Winter

We are in early December, and the winter season is quickly approaching. Now is the best time to check your HVAC system to ensure it works at peak efficiency during winter. Millions of Americans rely on their HVAC units to warm them during winter and cool them during summer.

Therefore, maintaining and repairing your unit should be a top priority, especially now that we expect temperatures to dip beyond the point of comfort. This article will look at things you can do to your unit to keep your family warm during this winter.

Clean Your System
A dirty heating and air conditioning unit cannot function efficiently. The most cost-effective and easiest way to ensure your indoors are warm during winter is to change your unit’s filter. It is recommended to change the filter monthly. Dirty filters make the furnace strain, thus resulting in frequent breakdowns and expensive repairs.

Test the Thermostat
It’s prudent to test the thermostat as early as now. Learning that the thermostat can’t kick on when it’s already frigid will be too uncomfortable for your family. Turn on your unit, switch it to heating, and then set temperatures slightly higher than the room temperature. If you don’t hear the heat kick on, it’s time to call a professional for repairs.

Prepare Your Home for Winter
Besides ensuring your HVAC system is working perfectly, you need to get your home ready for winter. Start by sealing all cracks between doors and windows to prevent cold air from entering your house. If you let cold air into your indoors, the heating system will work harder, hence consuming more energy. Get your home ready for cold weather by installing caulking and stripping around your windows and doors.

Check the Vents
It’s imperative to check the vents of your heating system often. Checking your vents will ensure your indoors are warm and healthy. A dirty vent can spread dust or mold in your indoors. This exposes you and your family to the risk of developing respiratory conditions.

Use A Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat will help you heat your home while still keeping your power bill in check. While using a programmable thermostat, you can set lower temperatures when everyone is away and slightly higher temperatures when your family is at home. Nowadays, smart thermostats can be controlled from your phone to offer great flexibility and convenience.

Maintain the Blower Motor
It is recommended to refer to the user’s manual to check whether the blower motor needs to be repaired. The manual clearly details the procedure of opening the cover and cleaning the bearings. You will need to remove the cover, clean the bearing, and lubricate them.

Call A Professional to Inspect Your System
If you have stayed for a while without using your system, it is essential to have it inspected by a professional. Don’t wait to call a professional when winter starts; now it’s the right time to schedule one. Maintaining the unit regularly ensures it is efficient in both energy consumption and functionality.

Get A New HVAC System
If you have had the same system for more than 15 years, chances are it is worn out and needs replacement. Older systems breakdown frequently, and it’s expensive to maintain them. If you keep the old system, you will incur crazy repair costs and high energy bills.

Taking time to inspect and test your HVAC system now can help avoid inconveniences when winter starts. Besides, regular maintenance will elevate the system’s life and lower your energy bills.

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